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Dog Bites and Attacks

Man’s Best Friend Sometimes Is Not

The attorneys at Law Office of Joseph C. Borsellino, LLC advocate for persons who are seriously injured by dog bites. Persons may recover compensation for injury to their bodies, psychological trauma, scarring, medical expenses, lost earning capacity and other losses related to a dog attack. Children are most vulnerable to dog bites and often suffer the worst injuries, especially to their faces. Time and medical care such as scar rubs and plastic surgery will determine the severity and permanency of scarring.

In addition to bites, dogs cause injuries and damages when they jump upon or chase people, bicycles, cars and other animals. For example, people can be seriously injured while attempting to avoid hitting a dog with their car, motorcycle or bicycle, protecting their child or pet from an aggressive dog or while fleeing from an attack. These injuries are also compensable.

Massachusetts has strict laws which protect persons who are injured by dogs. In Massachusetts, the owner of a dog is presumed to be liable for all damages caused by their dog unless the owner can prove that the victim was trespassing, committing another tort or tormenting the dog. Attorneys may seek recovery against keepers of dogs who cause injury. Keepers may include pet sitters, kennels, dog-walkers, groomers, veterinarians and others who harbor and control dogs. Massachusetts holds parents liable for damages caused by dogs owned by their minor children.

The victim of a dog injury does not have to prove that the dog’s owner or keeper knew that the dog was dangerous. Children under 7 years old, who suffer dog bites, are presumed to have behaved appropriately under the law. A skilled lawyer will seek out existent evidence of a dog owner or keeper’s violation of dog control laws. Many cities and towns have leash laws and ordinances which forbid the free roam of dogs. A victim injured by an unleased dog has a strong case for recovery. Localities may also have laws which govern fencing which an owner may violate.

A competent attorney will secure and develop critical evidence and provide early protection against owner and liability insurer attempts to blame the victim of dog bites or to undercut their damages. Most homeowner’s insurance policies provide liability coverage to victims injured by dogs. These policies may also provide some no fault medical payments coverage. Dog handlers and other keepers may also have commercial liability insurance coverage to benefit victims.

The attorneys at Law Office of Joseph C. Borsellino, LLC have secured serious recoveries for adults injured by dogs as well as children who have suffered serious facial scarring from dog bites. If you or a loved one has been injured by a dog bite or attack, call Law Office of Joseph C. Borsellino, LLC at 781-329-9500 or complete our contact form.