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$3.1 Million Truck/Pedestrian Crash
$1.6 Million Work Accident
$1.2 Million Medical Negligence
$1.1 Million Drunk Driving Crash
$ 700,000 Drunk Driving Crash
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Dedham Personal Injury Lawyers

Dedicated to Helping Individuals and Families

With more than 33 years of personal injury litigation experience, the attorney's at the Law Office of Joseph C. Borsellino, LLC, provide highly skilled, compassionate and effective representation throughout Massachusetts to individuals and families, from all walks of life, who have suffered the physical, emotional and financial toll of accidental injury and death. We understand the upheaval such an event triggers in the everyday lives of the injured person and family that can be simply overwhelming. Our Dedham personal injury attorneys are committed to zealously fighting for justice on behalf of those injured and their families. Every injured persons’ circumstances are unique and our attorneys are experienced in resolving each through Settlement, Arbitration, Mediation, Trial and Appeal, as necessary.

And Yes We Are Easy to Talk to

At Law Office of Joseph C. Borsellino, LLC, we give you an honest assessment of the merits of your case and its likelihood for success. Once your case is accepted it is handled, as it should be, by a seasoned Partner and not by an inexperienced young, associate. Injury cases are taken on a contingent fee basis - you don’t pay hourly attorney fees - we recover our fee from the settlement proceeds. The consultation is free. You have questions and concerns? Call us-we have answers. Our firm philosophy is to handle every case as we would want that of our own or a loved one handled - thoroughly, with vigilance to detail and steadfast pursuit with the ultimate goal of maximizing a financial recovery. Although most cases resolve before trial, we proceed with the belief that every case we accept must be prepared, pursued and ready for a trial. As our client, your case is important to you, it is no less important to us.

Understanding Your Case and Fighting for You

Success in our injury system depends upon perseverance, competence and the ability to make the complex simple. At Law Office of Joseph C. Borsellino, LLC, we understand the differences and significance of injuries to bones, nerves, joints, vertebrae, discs, tissues and the brain. We have the experience and skill necessary to explain and prove damages to your body, ability to earn compensation and capacity to enjoy your daily activities of living. We are able to competently explain and prove exacerbations and aggravation to pre-existing conditions. And we understand how to separate and prove injuries which are permanent in nature.

Our Dedham personal injury lawyers provide seasoned representation and advocacy before insurance claims adjusters, mediators, arbitrators, administrative agencies and judges. We hold institutions who would chose to act in bad faith and to unreasonably withhold benefits due to you responsible under the Massachusetts Consumer Protection statutes which provide multiple damages and attorney fees. We fight to preserve your recovery in the contemporary environment impacted by worker’s compensation, short and long term disability, Medicare, Medicaid, Massachusetts health, private health insurance and other potential third party lienholders.

You will understand and appreciate that we are on your side, that you are not alone and that you and what happens to you are respected and valued. We instill trust in the attorney-client relationship which empowers and carries forth your best case.

  • "Joe I hope all the good you do comes back to you. Thank you for all your work on our behalf after our car accident. Thank you also for your kindness, caring and good-humor. We lucked out finding you when we needed a lawyer."- William and Mary H.
  • "Joe, thank you for your services, care and going the extra mile. We really appreciate all you have done. May God continue to guide your steps always."- Reyna and J.C. R.
  • "Joe we appreciate your effort and sacrifice on behalf of our loved one. As her beneficiaries, we recognize our good fortune in having your devotion to her legacy and deft legal skills and abilities before judge and jury. We tip our overflowing cups to you."- Mr. and Mrs. Tom M. and Family
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